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Workshop Network Reconstruction and Analysis in Systems Biology

Molecular Systems Biology is dealing with different types of networks describing metabolism, gene regulation, signal transduction, intercellular communication and so on. The workshop has a focus on methods dealing with the structure of the corresponding biochemical networks, i.e. their topology and/or stoichiometry. This embraces different approaches from the computational and systems sciences:

  • Network Reconstruction of biochemical networks from “omics” data sets based on statistical and/or learning methods
  • Network Topology, i.e. (local and genome wide) topological analysis of network structure using graph algorithms and visualization of network properties
  • Network Analysis for elucidation of network properties by stoichiometric analysis or mapping of experimental data to network structures
Workshop Format:

The workshop consists of two Sessions with 3 – 4 talks (20+10 minutes each).


An option to enroll for this workshop is offered with the main registration to the GCB 2012. If you want to attend this workshop only, but not the GCB 2012, please mail to indicating:

  • Your name and degree,
  • Your affiliation (including address and phone number), and
  • Your profession or subject of study.

This workshop is free of charge for all participants, irrespective of GCB 2012  attendance, but registration is required.

Preliminary Program:
Network Reconstruction
11:00 Jan Baumbach, Saarbrücken
Finding expressed key pathways – Combining biological networks with gene expression and epigenetics data
11:30 Ulrich Mansmann, Munich
Title tba
Network Topology
12:00 Joachim Selbig, Golm
Analysis and comparison of cancer-related metabolic networks
12:30 Katharina Nöh, Jülich
Isotope Labeling Networks
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Break
Network Analysis
14:00 Christoph Kaleta, Jena
Metabolism and beyond: Identification of new targets of the global regulator PdhR in Escherichia coli
14:30 Christian von Mering, Zurich
Projecting experimental data onto protein interaction network: A case study from RNAi perturbation screens
15:00 Thomas Dandekar, Würzburg
Boolean modeling and semiquantitative models of cellular interactions
15:30 Final Discussion