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12:37 ms/sirius_frontend ssl connection
fleisch authored 0ff036 on master
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08:50 ms/sirius_frontend Merge branch 'master' of https://bio.informatik.uni-jena....
marcusL authored 06014f on gibbs_sampling
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08:47 ms/sirius_frontend add mass threshold in CLI computation
marcusL authored 05b35a on master
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12:33 ms/sirius_frontend Merge branches 'gibbs_sampling' and 'master' of https://bio.informatik.uni-...
marcusL authored 172927 on gibbs_sampling
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3 days ago
13:51 ms/sirius_frontend minors
kaidu authored 81ad1b on canopus
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13:51 ~kaidu/workingstuff minors
kaidu authored 7518b9 on dereplication
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Friday, August 11, 2017
19:38 ms/sirius_frontend snapshot release with new fingerid server
fleisch authored c0a976 on master
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19:21 ms/sirius_frontend some build stuff
fleisch authored 85a286 on master
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017
10:35 ms/parallelograms method addLoss in FADG-class changed
Sarah authored e26814 on master
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08:39 ms/parallelograms separation of main-method and method for finding parallelograms
Sarah authored 324299 on master
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01:23 ms/sirius_frontend nu fingerid server integrated
fleisch authored f7c13f on master
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