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Create Scripts with Code Completion in IntelliJ

I just found out there is an easy way to use IntelliJ IDEA to create and start Epos Scripts. This allows you to use full code completion and documentation in the code editor 🙂 To set things up, install Epos and IntelliJ IDEA and create a new Maven Project. In the Projects pom.xml, add the […]

Hide Table Columns easily

When you deal with large tables that provide a good number of columns, it is always nice if you can hide some of them. They should still be available in the TableModel, so this is clearly a task for the view. It turns out, realizing a popup menu on the table header is quiet easy. […]

Glazedlists and column based filtering

While I was working on the BlastViewer, I thought filtering by table column would be a nice feature to get rid of all the cr**y results you are not interested in. Most of the tables we create in Epos are based on GlazedLists as table model and data container. GlazedLists come with pretty nice filtering […]

JPA, Eclipselink and storing hierarchies

Yesterday we worked on the new storage facility for the Epos 0.9 release. The new release will be based on EclipseLink and its JPA implementation. The new Tree store will not be String based (as in 0.8), but provide a better representation for trees using nested sets. There we discovered a problem with tree nodes […]