Epos Version 0.9.1

This release contains minor bug-fixes and improvements in the Tree Comparator. Also removing Gap columns in alignments is simplified.

Older Versions

Epos Version 0.9

Epos Verison 0.9 beta

Okey, here is the beta release for version 0.9. New user interface, new modules, integrated blast viewer and taxonomy support. Please keep us informed about anything that is not working properly … and note that we are still heavily working on the tree comparator and taxon modules.

Feel free to use our bug tracker to submit bugs or feature requests. You can create you own account to stay informed about fixes on submitted bugs.

Epos Version 0.8.1 beta

Epos Version 0.8


There exists a problem with the installation path of EPoS. The second the path contains a space, EPoS is unable to initialize its database. For example:

Installing Epos to


will work just fine. Installing to

C:\Programm Files\Epos

will fail. To fix this, install EPoS to a path that does not contain any spaces. The Problem is already found and fixed (see Ticket #117) in the development version and will therefor be solved with the next release.

Epos Version 0.75

Source Code

Epos is OpenSource and you can access our SVN repository to get your hands on the code. The repository URL is Please use the login/passoword combination epos/epos to check out the project. This will give you read access to the repository.

To check out the project from the command line, you can type (the password is epos):

svn co –username epos

If you are interested in developing a plugin or work on the existing code, please contact us and we can provide write access to the repository.