Epos Alvarius

After a few month we are getting closer to a new Epos release – Epos 0.9 Alvarius. We used a branch of the main epos trunk for the development, but now, as we are getting closer to the release, it was time to move everything back into the main branch and set a a new trac system. The trac will contain development information and more and I will try to use the next weeks to present some of the new abilities such as the Paup support or the scripting environment. For now, if you are interested, you can access the source code via svn.


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  1. johannes.helmuth says:

    Nice! I am really looking forward to the new release!

    Would be supportive if some bugs occur – just contact me and I’ll have a look at the trac.

    Cheers from way back in New Zealand,

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