MAD HATTER correctly annotates 98% of small molecule MS/MS searching in PubChem

We are thrilled to announce that our newest tool MAD HATTER can correctly annotate 98% of small molecule tandem mass spectra, when searching in PubChem! We are extremely excited about this massive breakthrough! MAD HATTER combines CSI:FingerID results with information from the searched structure database via a metascore, using viable compound information such as the melting point, or the number of “was it a cat I saw?” in the compound description.

Our evaluations use the well-known CASMI 2016 data, and we are happy to announce that MAD HATTER strongly outperforms all tools that participated in the contest. MAD HATTER also performs very well if we replace the MS/MS spectra by either empty spectra or random spectra. This opens up fantastic new venues in the future, where instrument vendors may replace bulky and expensive traps and collision cells by a random number generators or /dev/null.

Read the exciting preprint on bioRxiv:

We assume that everybody will be thrilled to use MAD HATTER in the future. At the moment, you may find additional information here, here and here.

Update: Read the exciting final paper in Metabolites: