CSI:FingerID: Best automated method in CASMI contest

CSI:FingerID participated in this year’s CASMI (Critical Assessment of Small Molecule Identification) contest for automated methods identifying compounds solely by mass spectral data without additional meta data (category 2). IOKR, the new prediction method within CSI:FingerID, won this category. Standard CSI:FingerId prediction method ranked 2nd best. For positive ionization, CSI:FingerID identified more than twice as much compounds than any other method.

We are pleased that SIRIUS and CSI:FingerID were successfully used by many other contestants in category 1.

You can try CSI:FingerID on http://www.csi-fingerid.org/. A commandline version as well as a user interface which allows batch processing of MS/MS data will be released soon. We will also integrate the new IOKR prediction method into the CSI:FingerID web interface.