SIRIUS 5 workshop

Here, you can find the data provided for our SIRIUS 5 workshop.

In case that you want to download this data at the last minute,  just download the “SIRIUS 5 build” under “Preparation” and the “small dataset” which contains only the data needed to follow this workshop under “Workshop data”.


To participate in the workshop, please do the following some days BEFORE the workshop.

  1. download the latest SIRIUS 5 build for your operating system (NOT the headless version – this is without the GUI).
  2. create a user account via the SIRIUS GUI, see below. In some cases account validation may take a while. Hence, please do this in advance. (A guest account may be provided during some workshops).
  3. download the workshop data below.

Creating a user account

User accounts can be created directly via the SIRIUS GUI. Please, use your institutional email account. SIRIUS webservices are free for academic/non-commercial use. In some cases, further validation may be required. See also SIRIUS Documentation – Account and License.

Create a new user account via the SIRIUS GUI.

Workshop Account

In case you were not able to get a personal account before the workshop, this temporary workshop account can be used instead:
PW: SIRIUS_Science_2022_$

Workshop data

Here, are are SLIDES that will help you to follow the workshop step-by-step.

If you are in the hurry, download only THIS small dataset.

Else, all data can be downloaded HERE