SIRIUS 5 workshops

Here, you can find information for our SIRIUS 5 workshops.


To participate in the workshop, please do the following some days BEFORE the workshop.

  1. download the latest SIRIUS 5 build for your operating system (NOT the headless version – this is without the GUI).
  2. create a user account via the SIRIUS GUI, see below. In some cases account validation may take a while. Hence, please do this in advance. (A guest account may be provided during some workshops).
  3. download the workshop data below.

Creating a user account

User accounts can be created directly via the SIRIUS GUI. Please, use your institutional email account. SIRIUS webservices are free for academic/non-commercial use. In some cases, further validation may be required. See also SIRIUS Documentation – Account and License.

Create a new user account via the SIRIUS GUI.

Workshop Account

In case you were not able to get a personal account before the workshop, this temporary workshop account can be used instead: